The casting room is, as its name suggests, the place in the laboratory where metal and alloys are smelted and cast. This room is usually kept closed to prevent odours escaping into the laboratory environment. As a consequence, Saratoga has developed a range of extractor hoods with a number of options: electric or gas plates and ovens, soldering bottles and etching drawers.

Oven hoods come equipped with work tops in AISI 304 stainless steel, vertically sliding doors in tempered glass, suction motors and internal lighting. If required, the hood can be equipped with triple-level active carbon filters, oven and extraction timers and a number of other extras.

We can also study and make recommendations for other areas such as:
• Goods in and out
• Reception areas
• Computer rooms / machine rooms / scanners

It’s possible to create islands with three or more workstations, equipped with light and shelf kits or with individual lights on articulated brackets. If required, these can be equipped with individual or centralised aspiration systems.