PF2 Pininfarina Line


The Saratoga PF line represents an integrated system, designed to satisfy the effective working needs of professional dentists, more and more looking towards futuristic technology.
The project was developed by the Saratoga team with the cooperation of the designer Paolo Pininfarina, President of the Pininfarina Group and CEO of Pininfarina Extra.
An exclusive line for dentistry was developed through this cooperation resulting in an innovative design, with soft and welcoming lines, designed to offer an experience of pure comfort and aesthetic pleasure without forgetting functionality, efficiency and hygiene, all essential for dental practice.


The PF line is equipped with two patented systems: the first is an apparatus with mobile arms, allowing the dentist to have all the necessary equipment to hand, optimising security, efficiency and hygiene. The particular shape of the instrument tray with its slightly raised edge, to prevent instruments from falling, demonstrates the level reached by the ergonomic research for dental practice. The second is a special infra-red tap that integrates the water, soap and disinfectant supply. Furthermore, by touching a sensor, the operator can easily open in the most hygienic way the cover that protects the tray. All that is needed is a simple hand movement.


Each feature of the PF line is designed to ensure maximum hygiene, not only with the materials used, but the chosen shapes also follow this objective. This is why the handles of the drawers have been designed in a superior shape, eliminating holes that can be difficult to clean. Furthermore the modular PFL was designed with an independent washbasin to optimise space in the work room while obtaining an alternative hygiene system.
The PF line is available in two solutions. The PF One is a modular proposal composed of a bench in the back and a washbasin column with steel base. The PF Two is a unique bench with two integrated washbasins. In both cases the materials are of the highest quality.