S_Elect Klinik Dolabı


It is vital that you provide dental treatments in a hygienic, ergonomically sound and effective clinical environment.
When you prepare to treat a patient all the necessary material and equipment should be within easy reach to ensure a safe and effective work-flow and working environment, free from unnecessary risks.


Similarly, at the end of the operation, the contaminated material and equipment should be swiftly placed in decontamination baths before being moved to the safety of the sterilisation room for treatment.


To meet these requirements, a number of the S_elect easy to manoeuvre trolleys are made from materials (stainless steel, steel protected from corrosion by Bonderite technology) which can easily be made germ-free, so you can use them for certain medical equipment, particularly instruments for invasive treatments or even to collect such equipment in decontamination tanks thereby facilitating the effective clean up and preparation of treatment rooms in between patients.