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SF 811 Duvara Monte Türbin Seti

  • Made in Switzerland
  • Garanti Süresi: 2 Yıl
  • Yedek Parça & Teknik Destek

Ref. 1600083-001

(Cihaz, Türbin, Pedal, Spiral Hortum)

Pneumatic stations for dental turbines Extremely simple and robust in design, these Bien-Air pneumatic systems have become the tools of choice for ceramic and prosthetic specialists worldwide. In particular, they incorporate TD turbines which are celebrated as the best in their class.

With a rotation speed of 300,000 rpm, they prove ideal for delicate, precise work. They work marvellously for machining crevices on occlusal surfaces, on ceramic and zirconia. The station precisely controls and adjusts the pressure of the turbine and is equipped with an on/off control, operated by foot pedal. The foot pedal also controls the operation of the TDS 890 turbine spray. A unique dust shield contributes to its long service life.

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